Pilot Program

The SVUA Pilot is a program to assess how the SVUA works in a real-farm situation in order to better inform the value creation discussion for the entire agriculture value chain. Specifically, the Pilot will evaluate the proposed platform that will be used to contract, track, invoice and collect fees for farm-saved seed of SVUA varieties.

The Canadian Plant Technology Association (CPTA) has created this Pilot program in response to producers who raised questions during the value creation consultations. The outcome of the Pilot will provide producers with detailed answers about how the SVUA will work. It will also help the seed industry better understand how it can generate a return on plant breeding investments.

At this time, the pilot project will apply to at least three new PBR protected seed varieties, including two wheat varieties and one soybean variety. The varieties include two from Limagrain Cereals Research Canada (LCRC), which will be distributed by Canterra Seeds: a CWRS variety named CS Daybreak and a CPSR variety called CS Accelerate. The third variety will be a glyphosate tolerant soybean variety developed by North Dakota State University and distributed in Canada by SeCan. For more information on the two wheat varieties developed by LCRC, please contact LCRC or Canterra Seeds. For more information on the soybean variety, please contact SeCan.

The SVUA Pilot and development of the SVUA platform is being led by CPTA. Multiple plant breeders, seed distributors, retailers and producers will participate in the SVUA Pilot Program. Only producers who choose to purchase SVUA varieties will be involved in the Pilot.

For more information about the Pilot Program, please read the Frequently Asked Questions under the Resources tab.

Pilot Program varieties

Variety: CS Daybreak (CWRS)
Breeder: Limagrain Cereals Research Canada
Distributor: Canterra Seeds

Variety: CS Accelerate (CPSR)
Breeder: Limagrain Cereals Research Canada
Distributor: Canterra Seeds

Variety: Glyphosate-tolerant soybean (Name TBD)
Breeder: North Dakota State University
Distributor: SeCan